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September 7, 2022

This summer’s hottest hair trends

From complete makeovers to simply wanting to find new hairstyles to play around with, summer is hands down the best time of year to have fun with your hair. Go bolder with color, lighten your blonde, or give your dark hair a touch of glossy light. We’re rounding up this summer’s hottest color looks so you’ll know exactly what to ask your colorist for. And if it’s a haircut or an updo you’re after, we’ve got you covered with the hottest catwalk and influencer trends to give you plenty of summer hair inspo. You’re going to want to get your bobby pins and hair ties at the ready, because this summer’s trends aren’t messing around when it comes to detail. But don’t panic: we’re breaking everything down so you can get the look yourself.


Curly bobs

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Curly Bob


Shoulder-length and chin-length bobs are big this summer. The curly bob is the perfect way to update your look without losing too much length, and you can customize it with or without bangs to suit your face shape. Bobs are super low maintenance when they’re cut well, making them perfect for summer. And if you let your stylist know, they’ll even be able to find a style that can be tied up if you need to.

Vintage blonde

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Vintage Blond


Reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe and the golden age of Hollywood, vintage blonde is a go-to shade for this summer. It’s not for the faint-hearted. Achieved through a combination of bleaching and toning, and can take a few long sessions at the salon to complete (particularly if your hair is naturally dark or if you have already had your hair treated with other processes.)

Wispy bangs

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Wispy Bangs


We know bangs are always a big decision, but even if you hate them, they’ll grow out by fall, so why not give them a go this summer? This soft face-framing look is a great balance between a full-on blocky style and less obvious curtain bangs, so you can make a statement without committing entirely. They’re super easy to style and look great with any hair length.


French roll

Dp Summer Hottest Trends French Roll


This classic style is getting a 21st-century makeover. Forget the set-solid with hairspray French roll you used to know, and meet the relaxed cool-girl version. Prep your hair by adding texture before brushing your hair to one side and pinning, before looping it up and pinning the other side. If you haven’t done it before, YouTube will be your friend, but it’s a skill that will ensure your hair looks fabulous all summer long.


Bold colors

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Bold Colors


Forget natural tones, bold colors are in this summer. Pink is always popular, and this summer’s hottest shade is a bright cherry pink that works great on any complexion. If you’re feeling bold, go for all-over color, but if that feels daunting, ask your colorist to add in some colorful highlights within your usual service to spice things up a bit without going all out. As well as pinks, greens and oranges are having a moment too, so there are plenty of options to choose between!


Braids for days

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Braids for Days


This textured look combines different braids to create a textured and bold look. It’s pretty intricate, so you’re going to want to take some time out to practice or figure out who does the best braids out of your friend group before heading off on vacation together. The best thing about this style is that it can be adapted to suit most hair types, and it’s the perfect way to keep your hair under control while you’re off adventuring and enjoying the summer.

Bow accessories

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Bow


Bows are this summer’s hottest way to take your ponytail to the next level. From statement satin bows to minimalist organza hairpieces, bows are in, and we’re so here for it. Adapt the trend to your style by picking different colors, fabrics, and patterns. For an effortless beach look, try tying a silk scarf in a bow around your ponytail or at the bottom of a braid.

Long layers

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Long Layers


Textured long layers are a staple for this summer and are a great way to update your look for the warmer months. Pair them with some soft highlights to create a beachy sun-kissed look that will stay looking fabulous well into the fall. Pair a long layered hairstyle with face-framing pieces to nail this key summer 2022 hairstyle.

Beachy blonde

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Beachy Blond


It wouldn’t be a summer hairstyle roundup without mentioning this summer’s take on beachy blonde highlights. This year, the blonds are clean and pale, with face-framing ‘money pieces.’ Ask for a root melt to softly blend your highlights with your natural hair, so your color will look natural and lived-in as it grows out.

Cognac brunettes

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Cognac Brunette


Forget flat brunettes. This summer, cognac highlights are on the cards. A gorgeous dark copper tone that’s perfect for adding dimension without distracting from your natural hair color, cognac brunette highlights will be big this season, and the trend will likely follow through into fall. So get ahead of the curve and embrace those soft copper tones.

Buzz cuts

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Buzz Cuts


The ultimate bold statement this season is a buzz cut. Take the focus away from your hair, but also put it center stage at the same time with the ultimate in summer haircuts. Not only will you look rad AF, but whenever you want a change of style, you can have great fun switching things up with your hair as it grows out.

Fishtail braids

Dp Summer Hottest Trends Fishtail Braids


This one needs a video instead of a photo because, honestly, braids can be totally confusing. Until you figure out they’re actually kind of simple. It’s a process. They were big in the early 2010s, and now they’re back: chunky, complicated-looking braids are big this summer, so get your YouTube tutorials at the ready!

Cover image: @carlenjonessignature