Think outside the beauty box



May 1, 2023

Sylwia Wiesenberg, Bawdy Beauty Founder

Sylwia Weisenberg, Founder of Bawdy Beauty



Humorously indecent, clean beauty, and sexual wellness. 

Sylwia was inspired to create Bawdy by her obvious obsession with butts and the beauty industry’s lack of attention to this neglected body area. She is the pioneer in intimate skincare, and with the Original Butt Mask, she shook up the monotonous beauty industry, changed the beauty narrative, and brought more fun to beauty and self-care. (It’s impossible not to laugh if you’re wearing a butt mask!). She loves any reason to get you naked and be confident in your own bawdy.

Zodiac… Gemeni
Birthplace… Warsaw, Poland
My favorite place to be… in or on the ocean
I eat too many… dates
If I ran a marathon I would listen to… Fleetwood Mac The Chain
My favorite time of the day… sunrise it gives me the hope
When I wake up I… squat
I escape stress… Tonique the workout method I created over 20 years ago to build my mental and physical confidence
I am addicted to… movement
I value the most… freedom
I love my… mind ( and my butt hahahaha )
Swim or Ski… both
Hidden talents… cooking I could be a chef tomorrow 

Bawdy Butt Mask Kit


The Original Butt Mask

The complete collection of Bawdy butt sheet masks introduces you to a new butt-focused beauty routine. These four sheet masks are formulated to firm, tone, detoxify and rejuvenate your butt skin.

Bawdy Blow


Blow Oral Lubricant

Awaken your senses with the full potency of the untouched magical flower. CBD and CBG, blended with organic virgin camellia loaded with antioxidants and vit. B and sunflower oil, let you chill and focus on achieving ultimate pleasure.

Bawdy Super Tight


Super Tight

This skin boosting body serum is an instant skin toner, visibly tightening and firming your skin all over - starting from the bottom. Super Tight is a unique blend of botanicals that works to improve overall firmness, moisture and elasticity.