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August 30, 2022

Sheena Yaitanes, Kosas Founder

Sheena Yaitanes, Founder of Kosas

Credit photo: Olivia Katz


Clean makeup for skincare freaks.

Sheena has created a line of makeup that is designed around people who love skincare. Kosas products offer a balance between clean beauty, natural-looking makeup, and ingredients that won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts. Their lightweight products let your skin show through so you can feel beautiful being your natural self.


Kosas Cloud Set Setting Powder

Cloud Set Setting Powder

Unreal pressed powder for real-life dream skin. A super soft, sheer setting + smoothing powder baked with skincare actives that sweeps away shine (not glow). Feels like nothing, looks like everything.

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Kosas Revealer Concealer

Revealer Concealer

A medium coverage, super creamy concealer, eye cream, and spot treatment in one that visibly brightens and helps reveal better skin over time.

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Kosas Air Brow Clear

Air-Brow Clear

A clean, longwear, clear brow gel boosted by hair care actives that fluffs, lifts and sets brows for a lamination effect all day, while helping brows reach their full growth potential.

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