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May 23, 2023

Rachel Vicknair, Leopara Founder

Rachel Vicknair, Leopara founder

Credit: Instagram @rachelvicknair

Great light wherever you go.

Meet Rachel Vicknair, the beauty educator turned inventor behind Leopara. Traveling the world, Rachel found herself facing the same issue over and over - lousy lighting for makeup application. No matter if she was staying in a fancy resort or a budget-friendly place, the lighting just never cut it. And as anyone who's tried knows, traveling with a lighted mirror is just asking for trouble.

With her background in professional dancing and acting, Rachel knew the difference good lighting could make. She'd spent time in the well-lit makeup chairs on film sets and wanted to bring that same glamour to everyday life.

One frustrating weekend in Las Vegas, wrestling with makeup under harsh yellow lighting, Rachel had her "aha" moment. She realized she could solve this universal problem and set out to create a product that combined professional-grade lighting with travel-friendly convenience.

And so, Leopara was born. It's all about revolutionizing the way people do their makeup, empowering beauty lovers to get their glam on in front of any mirror, anywhere. Rachel's goal? To bring the luxury of the professional makeup chair to you, wherever you go.

Fun facts:

  • Leopara was awarded a Utility Patent in 2019 ... which it's important to note that less than 12% of patent holders are women!
  • The 1st Leopara prototype was made using eyeshadow palettes and 9 volt batteries adhered by duct tape… and they still work today!
  • Every Leopara System is inspected, assembled and shipped from Leopara’s HQ in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Leopara has been featured by FabFitFun, The View, WWD, The Wendy Show, Forbes, Beauty Independent and on Bravo TV (Real Housewives, Southern Charm NOLA).
  • Leopara's clientele includes celebrity makeup artists, influencers, entertainers, musicians and everyday makeupwearers, alike.
  • Founder Rachel Vicknair appeared on Season 1 of “Beat Shazam” and won the show, which is how she funded the initial development of Leopara.