Think outside the beauty box



August 24, 2022

July’s hottest beauty launches



Best new product for reactive skin:

Hyper Even Gentle Brightening Cleansing Gel


Hyper Even Gentle Brightening Cleansing Gel

This latest launch from Hyper is the perfect cleanser for skin that tends to feel dried out by other cleansing products. It's made up of a gentle formula that is designed to remove impurities while leaving the skin's natural moisture barrier intact, so you can go ahead and glow. Natural ingredients, including ​​licorice root, bearberry, and willow bark, all work to even skin tone and calm inflammation to ease current breakouts and minimize the signs of healing blemishes.


Best launch for dry skin:

Waso Yuzu C Beauty Sleeping Mask


Shiseido YUZU-C Beauty Hydrating Sleeping Face Mask

If you're looking to up your skincare game to achieve your glowiest and healthiest-looking skin ever, then we might just have found your new secret weapon. This gel-like face mask from Shiseido comprises two parts: a yuzu gel and vitamin C capsules that release their content when applied to your skin. Apply it after your evening skincare routine twice a week to give your skin an extra treat and take your glow to the next level.


Best addition to your in-shower routine:

Drunk Elephant Scrubbi Bamboes Body Cleanser


Scrubbi Bamboes from Drunk Elephant

Physical exfoliants of the past got a bad rap for being rough on your skin and awful for the environment. Well, the page has turned, at least in this case anyway. This gentle exfoliant contains bamboo beads that gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling super smooth and clear of any dead skin cells or other nasties that can lead to dull-looking skin. Use it instead of your regular shower gel once or twice weekly for the best results. Bonus points because it smells fantastic, too.


Best acne innovation:

Murad Deep Relief Acne Treatment


Deep Relief Acne Treatment from Murad Skincare

Murad's latest launch is designed to relieve the discomfort of cystic acne. The product not only delivers actives that can penetrate deep into the skin but also forms a barrier to keep the actives in the skin (aka getting to work) for as long as possible. When the product was tested, most participants found their acne appeared less red, and bumps were reduced after consistent use over two weeks.


Best new suncare:

Eight Saints  Chase the Sun Spf 30 Face Moisturizer


Eight Saints Skincare SPF 30 Moisturizer

A moisturizing, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen that combines both physical and chemical protection. The cream is thick, hydrating, and makes the perfect base under your makeup. Unlike some sunscreen, it doesn't seem to affect how makeup goes on. The formula also offers streak-free application, so if you want to reapply or wear it without makeup, you don't need to worry about telltale white shadows.


Best new eye cream:

Cerave Skin Renewing Eye Cream


CeraVe Skin Renewing Eye Cream

Cult favorite CeraVe's latest launch joins their popular skin Renewing range and contains an anti-aging peptide complex to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It's a lightweight formula that's perfect for under makeup because it won't accentuate any fine lines or make makeup cake in areas you might prefer to conceal.





Best new neutrals palette:

Kevin Aucoin the Contour Eyeshadow Palette


The Contour Eyeshadow Palette Collection by Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

Available in four colorways, Kevyn Aucoin's latest launch is a firm indication that warm smokey eyes will be big as we finish up the summer months and transition into fall. A mix of matte and glitter shades, the eyeshadows are super pigmented and easy to blend so that you can create a whole bunch of makeup looks with a single product.


Cutest summer shades:

Glossier No 1 Pencil


Glossier No. 1 Pencil

Another brand that is jumping into the graphic eyeliner trend with both feet! Glossier has launched a range of buildable and blendable pencils to make going graphic easy. Their range of colors is stunning, with classics including browns and blacks and the most perfect shade of lavender. A formula that glides on and then sticks in place all day? It's a winner in our books.


Best vegan beauty innovation:

Activist Volume Volume Curl Mascara


Pacifica Beauty Activist Volume Mascara

If you've been searching high and low for a vegan mascara that packs a punch, then Pacifica Beauty might have just brought out the product of your dreams. This vegan and cruelty-free mascara uses a proprietary blend of plant waxes, plant fibers, and plant resins to lift and add volume to your lashes. It goes without saying that the applicator brush is also vegan and perfectly shaped to put just the right amount of product on your lashes to achieve optimum results.


Best graphic eyeliner launch:

Garden of Juvia's Liquid Liner


Garden Of Juvia's Eyeliner by Juvia's Place

Liquid eyeliners are probably the best way to get a punchy graphic look. The colors that Juvia's Place has just launched are gorgeously pigmented and super fun, making them perfect for playing around with this summer. The formula is super pigmented and easy to apply with the flexible applicator brush. 


Most anticipated makeup launch:

Patmcgrath Mothership X Moonlit Seduction


Pat McGrath Mothership X Moonlit Seduction

Launching on July 22nd, this palette sits in a 'neutrals with a twist' category of its own. The shades are unique enough to make it worthwhile adding the palette to your collection while still being wearable and versatile. The eyeshadows are formulated to be easy to apply and versatile, so you can play around with them to create just the look you want.





Best eco-conscious launch:

Devines We Stand for Regeneration


WE STAND for regeneration by Davines

Combining great hair care with climate activism, Davines has launched a two-in-one shampoo and body wash to reduce waste and encourage conscious consumerism. The product is made from 94.2% biodegradable ingredients, including 81.8% of which are natural. The bottle is made from renewable bioplastics, and the brand offsets its carbon emissions. The formula is delicate and versatile. It will keep your skin, hair, and scalp hydrated and cleansed.


Best new product for curly hair:

Amika Hydro Rush Intense Moisture Leave in Conditioner


Love Amika Hydro Rush Intense Leave-In Conditioner

Keep your curls hydrated and bouncy with 72-hour hydration. The spray formula takes inspiration from common skincare ingredients to create a product that will attract hydration and lock it. Curls will look more defined, frizz reduced, and you can forget about having to battle with knots when you're trying to brush your hair.


Best new hair styling product:

Maui Flaxseed Edge Control


Flaxseed Edge Control from Maui Moisture

Style your edges with precision and add shine to your hair with the latest launch from Maui Moisture. The aloe-based pomade is infused with flaxseed, coconut water, and citrus oil to keep hair in place while maintaining the correct hydration and nourishment levels. The formula is free-from drying alcohols, so your hair will stay in place without it being dried out.


Best new hair mask:

Miamibeachbum Hair Shield


Miami Beach Bum Hair Shield

Hair goes through some damaging stuff in summer. Between hours spent in the sun and dipping in the pool and/or the sea, chlorine and salt can build up and dry out your locks. Miami Beach Bum's Hair Shield can be used as a protective leave-in or as a repairing hair mask to give your hair some extra TLC to see it through the rest of the summer or take it with you whenever you're planning on putting your hair's resilience to the test.


Best new hair styling tool:

Mermade Hair Style Wand


Style Wand from Mermade Hair

This is a game changer for long-haired people out there: a one-stop shop for curls and waves that isn't too little for thick and long hair. With three interchangeable attachments, the Style Wand can create pretty much every style of curl or wave you can imagine. The tool is also coated in ionic ceramic to protect your hair from heat damage, and its millennial pink design makes it all the more fantastic.