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May 30, 2022

Jen Atkin, Ouai Founder

Jen Atkin, Founder of Ouai

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Win your Ouai.

She created Ouai haircare and beyond to give people the confidence to win life their Ouai and help them look better and feel better. Jen’s brand creates products renowned for their effectiveness, while their branding draws in image-conscious beauty lovers who want their haircare to look great in their homes.


Ouai Scalp Serum


Scalp Serum

Healthy hair starts with the scalp. This skincare-inspired serum helps balance and hydrate your scalp to create an ideal environment for hair to thrive.

Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub St Barts


Scalp and Body Scrub St. Barts

This blend of sugar and coconut oil cuts thru to cleanse your hair & body, while calming the crazy. Now with St. Bart's scent for a one-OUAI trip to the tropics.

Ouai Leave in Conditioner


Leave in Conditioner

This multitasking Leave In Conditioner detangles, hydrates and fights frizz for all hair types.