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June 29, 2022

Coco Chanel, Founder of Chanel

Photo of Coco Chanel



Inspired by menswear and practical necessities, Coco Chanel freed women’s ankles, loosened the waistline, allowed women to be able to cut their hair. She gave them freedom to do more than just being housewives, and she made women look and feel desired. Chanel believed wine and caviar would keep her young forever.


The Perfect Everyday Lipstick

Chanel launched her first lip color collection in 1924. Unlike its mass counterparts, the creamy formula was ultra-pigmented, yet decidedly wearable.


Chanel Rouge Allure Lextrait


Rouge Allure 854

High-Intensity Lip Colour Concentrated Radiance. Infused with an ultra-high concentration of pigments, this refillable satin lipstick reveals incomparable shade intensity upon first application that lasts for up to 8 hours.


The Signature Scent

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future,” proclaimed the designer, who believed in the importance of a lasting impression and finding a soul-defining signature scent. In 1921 she launched her own revolutionary Chanel No. 5 fragrance and today it is recognized as one of the most iconic fragrances of all time.


Chanel N5 Eau De Parfum Spray


Chanel No. 5

With its unprecedented use of aldehydes and layers of complexity, N°5 was the world’s first abstract fragrance. This floral bouquet, composed around May rose and jasmine, features bright citrus top notes. 


Aging Gracefully.

Chanel once said “At 20, your face has been given to you by nature; at 30, your face has been fashioned for life; but at 50, it is up to you to deserve it”. She embraced a full life of experience and the beauty of the fine lines that come with it.


Chanel Le Lift Serum


Le Lift Serum

This highly concentrated face serum that harmonizes nature and efficacy to deliver targeted firming and smoothing benefits.