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July 19, 2022

Casey Georgeson, Saint Jane Beauty Founder

Casey Georgeson, Founder of Saint Jane Beauty

Photo: Saint Jane


Effective, sustainably sourced, organically grown botanicals.

Casey is focused on creating high-quality formulas that work and that bring people joy. Saint Jane’s products contain potent botanicals and other clean ingredients that effectively soothe sensitive, stressed, or irritated skin.


Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum


Luxury Beauty Serum

Skin detox. “The Face Oil To End All Face Oils."

This award-winning treatment delivers powerful nutrients to calm irritation, detoxify pores and deeply hydrate your skin.

Saint Jane Bright Repair Eye Cream


Bright Repair Eye Cream

A visibly brightening formula made with vitamin C, collagen, and CBD to target the look of dark circles and fine lines.

Saint Jane Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair


Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair

Get your beauty sleep.

A powerful retinol and luxury active floral treatment that restores your skin's balance while you dream.