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May 21, 2022

Bigger is better: here's why you should be ditching sample size products

Assortment of various beauty products laid out


At Daily Polished, we asked ourselves, how do full-size beauty products deliver a better experience than a sample size? In short, there are a lot of great reasons that sample size cosmetics are going out of fashion, but here are some of our top ones:

Because you’ll never convey your brand voice through a sample size. Because the majority of sample-size products never get to be sampled, they get lost in your bag or your bathroom. Because sample size cheapens the experience, it never delivers the same luxurious experience as a full size. Because the production cost of sample size packaging is expensive for brands and bad for the environment. Because for consumers to fall in love with your product, they need daily engagement with your brand. They need to feel it, smell it, and notice the differences it makes to their wellbeing. Because when you really love something, you’re going to love the full - or even giant – version of it even more!


Daily Polished’s hot take

The reality is that sample-size products just don’t give you a chance to get to know a product. You’re never given enough product to find out how it will work for your skin or your hair, and you’ll often forget about the product – and even the brand – once the sample is finished. And that’s if you even get around to trying it! As we all move toward reducing waste, offering consumers a chance to test a full-size version of beauty products, and a jumbo version of the ones they love, is a surefire way to boost brand loyalty and make sure your products become a cornerstone of users’ daily routines.

This is why we’re on a mission to connect brands and customers by creating a discovery experience based around full-size beauty products. Here are a few brands we love in full-size – and even jumbo-size.




Pattern Leave in Conditioner


Pattern Leave-in Conditioner

Pattern’s leave-In conditioner treats your curls with a refreshing and restorative hair pick-me-up. Perfectly seals in moisture and helps to detangle, super lightweight formula is perfect to caress curls and add extra hydration while giving soft curl pattern definition.

Buy it in jumbo size ( 25 fl oz ) and keep loving your curls.

Crown Affair Conditioner for Salon Worthy Hair


Crown Affair Conditioner for salon-worthy hair

Trying out new conditioners can be an absolute headache, so it’s time to go big or go home when you find one that works for you. Crown Affair’s conditioner comes in an extra-large size for crown lovers who know it’s one of the best conditioners for that just-blow-dried look: think deep conditioning without adding weight and the perfect amount of silkiness. 

Buy it in full size (7.4fl oz) to give it a go.

Grown Alchemist Perfect Bouncy Hair Duo


Grown Alchemist perfect bouncy hair duo

You cannot get more pleasure than from using this 500ml formula. Grown Alchemist understands there is no need for sample sizes. They see the bigger picture and go beyond the full-size. Their gentle nutrient-rich formulations leave hair clean, shiny, and well-nourished, making them perfect for daily use.

Shop the shampoo in 16.90oz

Shop the conditioner in 16.90oz

Ouai Detox Shampoo


Refill with the OUAI Detox Shampoo

The Detox Shampoo is a go-to for all hair types and is available in a low waste format. The pouch can refill a pump bottle that you already have or be decanted into travel-size bottles. Not only does it reduce plastic waste, but each bag contains three bottles worth of product to keep you topped up for a long while.

Try it with a standard 10oz bottle
Buy it in bulk in a 32oz pouch 




Vinters Daughter Active Treatment Essence


A cult classic from Vinter’s Daughter

Vitner’s Daughter’s unique blend of active botanicals became an underground hit with makeup artists around the globe before it made its way into the mainstream. Their products now take pride of place in many a beauty addict’s cosmetics collection. Their gentle but effective serum formula combines extracts from 22 plants to hydrate skin and reduce redness and blemishes. It truly is the stuff of legends.

Buy it in 30 ml for starters 
Or in 50 ml if you already love it

Jumbo Suncare by Supergoop


Jumbo suncare by Supergoop!

Their invisible but super effective SPF 50 formula is much loved by skincare lovers worldwide. Supergoop! sunscreen is reef safe, and the brand is on a mission to reduce its environmental impact. The introduction of their jumbo 1.7oz format caused great excitement in the industry, not only because you can never have too much of a good thing but also because larger formats mean less plastic waste.

Try it in a 0.5fl.oz
Commit with the 1.7fl.oz

It Cosmetics Confidence in A Cream


IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

Considered a go-to anti-aging face cream, Confidence in a Cream is available in regular and jumbo sizes. The standard size product is the perfect size for giving the cream a go and seeing how your skin likes it, and if you love it, you can go all out with the jumbo-sized format to take your commitment to cream to the next level.

Give it a go with the 15ml size
Or go the whole way with the 60ml format




The Bawdy Wash


Less is More with The Bawdy Wash

Bawdy Beauty gets it right. Instead of giant body wash size, the brand focuses on less packaging and more product. One of their water-activated body wash bottles equates to four or five traditional body washes. This super silky, nutrient-rich, powder-to-lather, water-activated formula is delicate, rich, and nourishing. It’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Powered by seaweed and kaolin nourishes and hydrates the skin, while a soothing blend of summer florals invigorates the senses.

Enjoy it in an 85g format

Bum Bum Cream


All of the Bum Bum Cream

Another cult product, the sweet-scented body cream comes in a standard size and a jumbo pot for those who have tried and love the product. The perfect moisturizer for summer, the cream helps to firm up your skin and give it a gorgeous glow. It’s a thick cream that absorbs fast, so you can apply it quickly before heading out or give your skin some moisture after being out in the sun. 

Discover the product in its 75ml format
Or add it to your everyday routine in a 240ml pot

Fresh Brown Sugar Polish


Less waste, more Fresh goodness

Physical exfoliators like the Fresh Brown Sugar Polish are an in-shower must-have if you want healthy, glowing skin. Fresh know how much people love their products, and they’re taking steps to reduce waste by introducing giant versions of some of their most popular products. The Brown Sugar exfoliator is now available in a 7oz or 14.1oz format, so people who haven’t tried it can give it a go, and those who love it can simultaneously stock up and save the planet.