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Deep moisture + pH corrector

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This rich, nourishing balancing cream provides all the perks of our original formulation in an extra-moisturizing formulation. Skin-loving ingredients such as our ceramides and our natural moisturizing complex repair skin, smooth fine lines, and even out skin tone. Plus, our pH-balancing technology helps skin naturally retain moisture more effectively long-term, so you can hit dryness with a one-two punch of soothing hydration.

  • pH/LOCK™ - A combination of hydroxy acids, fatty acids, and amino acids carefully selected to maintain the optimal skin pH. It stimulates skin self-renewal and a healthy microbiome.
  • 5% CERAMIDE COMPLEX - Our skin-mimicking ceramide complex containing 3 essential ceramides supplements the skin barrier and supports skin repair.
  • SHEA BUTTER - Rich source of antioxidants. Protects against environmental stressors.
  • NATURAL MOISTURIZING COMPLEX - Amino acids, hydroxy acids, and glycerin, keep skin moisturized.
  • AIRLESS BOTTLE - Keeps things fresh without the need for irritating preservatives!

50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz.


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