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Daily Renewal Facial Oil

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Our hero oil is an anti-aging treatment, antioxidant serum, and hydrator in one. With super fruits, argan, and bakuchiol it is a rich, nutritive, and restorative blend of 100% natural botanical oils that leave skin always glowing, never greasy.

In every bottle is a complete profile of botanically derived vitamins (A, B, C, E & K), essential fatty acids (Omega 3,*5, 6 & 9), phytochemicals, nutrients, and ceramides that healthy skin needs. Our balanced hydration system is designed to help maintain a clear and radiant complexion by supporting the microbiome, skin barrier, and moisture barrier.

Active ingredient: Bakuchiol is used in this formula as a natural alternative to retinol. Though you can use a retinol while using this oil, Bakuchiol has been used at the percentage proven by in vitro studies to act as an effective replacement to retinoids should your skin be sensitive or retinol intolerant.

It's all about balance.

Free of toxins, dyes, fragrance, preservatives, or any junky stuff- only the healing power of nature.

*Pomegranate is the only known natural source of Omega 5


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