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Magic Melt-away Teeth Whitening Masks

14 days + 7 days of touch-ups (42-Pack)

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Prepare to be amazed with an innovative way to brighten your smile at home without the inconvenience or bad taste of average teeth whitening strips. These masks melt away when activated, eliminating the need for extra packaging or messy cleanup. Watch closely as the masks — and stains on your teeth — disappear right before your very eyes.

  • Includes forty-two (42) Melt-Away Teeth Whitening Masks.
  • Each mask yields one treatment for one row (21 total treatments for top and bottom)
  • Clinically tested to help whiten teeth up to seven shades lighter*.
  • Formulated for visible results in 14 days with 1x—2x daily use.
  • Mask melts away in your mouth within seconds and is gone after 15 minutes, once whitening treatment is complete (safe to swallow).
  • Convenient and easy one step process, great for on-the-go.
  • Nearly invisible on teeth - Made for sensitive teeth and is enamel safe.
  • ‘Enchant Mint’ flavor is minty fresh - One size fits most teeth.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Free from parabens, toxins, SLS, gluten, artificial colors and flavors Results may vary.
*Study carried out by Prof J. S. Rees and Dr A. Alamri from Cardiff Dental School (UK)

42 Strips

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