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The Tightening Duo

The Bawdy Tool + Super Tight Body Serum

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The Bawdy Tool

Made of 100% Agate, the Bawdy Tool’s dynamic design allows for smooth, broad strokes to promote healthy blood and lymphatic flow. The stone, along with your empowering touch, improves concentration and helps balance the body, mind, and spirit—and helps release negative or stuck energy. Sculpt, restore and celebrate your bawdy alone or with your partner. Perfect for neck and face sculpting.

Designed in mind to sculpt your entire body, with just a few deep strokes your butt and body feel renewed and awaken, the blood rushes and your skin gets a dose of natural glow and tone. The Bawdy Tool enriches the experience of touch, and allows you to focus on performing daily, or weekly rituals that will benefit your skin tone and overall wellbeing. Each Bawdy Tool is unique due to the nature of Agate's stone. Just like you, no two ever alike.

Super Tight

Boost your body confidence and feel tight - Super Tight. Our skin boosting body serum is an instant skin toner, visibly tightening and firming your skin all over - starting from the bottom. Our formula is powered by Icewine, an ingredient that delivers an immediate lifting and toning effect, and creates a feeling of tight “held-in” skin. Super Tight is a unique blend of botanicals that works to improve overall firmness, moisture and elasticity.


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