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Roll on Perfume Oil. Helps balance your sacral chakra.

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Balancing your sacral chakra is essential to your overall wellbeing. When your sacral chakra is balanced, you will feel more creative, open and accepting. It encourages self love and self care, allowing you to experience life more fully. It also helps you to become more in tune with your emotions, allowing you to better understand and express your feelings. A balanced sacral chakra helps to increase self-confidence, allowing you to take risks and make decisions with greater ease. By balancing your sacral chakra, you can open yourself up to a world of possibility and live a more energized and blissful life.

Citrusy and floral, bright and sweet, Creativity connects you with your energy and passion. With top notes of blood orange, geranium and jasmine. Beyond Organic. Beyond Perfume.

"I AM deeply ABUNDANT, creative & resourceful."

10ml / 0.338 fl oz

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